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Code of Conduct

All participants of Five Skies Trainings must comply with our training Code of Conduct listed below in it's entirety.

The purpose of this code is to ensure that every participant is aware of the expectations that are to be followed throughout our Training Programs. If you are in a training program that does not contain certain elements discussed below, such as a “hands-on” component, those principal policies can still be applied. Our programming is designed to accurately portray careers in the construction field.

I agree to abide by the regulations that are written in this document. I understand that I am responsible for my actions and decisions while I am attending training.  I understand that my acceptance into the training program is conditional upon my behavior and that my participation is not guaranteed. I am agreeing to conduct myself in the following manner and that I will:

  • Be honest with myself, my instructors and my fellow students.

  • Be accountable for my actions, my decisions are my own.

  • Act with integrity.

  • Be at least 15 minutes early to each day’s activities.

  • Call if I am going to be late or miss class. I will notify my designated contact by 6 AM with the reason for my tardiness or absence. I should also notify everyone I ride with, or give a ride to, that I will be late or not be in class that day.

  • Have a back-up plan for my transportation. If you ride with someone, have an alternative option in case of their absence.

  • Be respectful to the instructors and other students in the training always, not just during class.

  • Always be safe. Safety is everyone’s responsibility; I will observe all safety instructions and requirements.

  • Be respectful of the training facility property, staff and other guests and trainers. If I am asked to leave the training site, property, I will also be removed from the training program.

I understand that I am responsible for my own actions and that some actions or activities will result in my immediate termination from the program. The list that follows is not all inclusive and other actions not listed but that are deemed equally disruptive or demonstrate a lack of integrity can also result in your immediate termination from this program.

  • Fighting or aggressive behavior towards instructors, staff or other participants is not tolerated.

  • Borrowing or lending money between participants is not allowed. Budgeting your money is a necessary skill. If you need additional help, bring it to your instructors attention. Loaning or asking to borrow money between participants will be the equivalent of an absence in accordance with the attendance policy.

  • Drug and alcohol use during the training program is prohibited; any incident of public intoxication will result in immediate termination from the program.

In addition to the conduct listed above, I understand that I may be selected to take additional RANDOM Drug Screens throughout the term of this training program. A failure of the test will result in my immediate dismissal. This is not only for the integrity and safety of the program but also because the organizations that are providing the Hands-On training have a Drug free workplace commitment that we must abide with. A refusal to take the test shall be considered a failure of the screening and you will be dismissed from the program. If you test positive a second, confirmation test will be administered by the program within 15 minutes. A positive test will result in dismissal from the program. You will be eligible to re-apply to future training classes as any other applicant. Regarding medical marijuana while it’s use may not be illegal, but you will not be eligible for any of our trainings that have any hands-on components. You are not able to be safely referred onto construction projects if you use medical marijuana and we would be unable to assist you.

Attendance Policy:
This program allows for only one (1) Excused absence during each phase of the training, which may include separate classroom and hands-on training; however, if that absence occurs during the OSHA or CPR/1st Aid training days, you will not get those certifications. Tardiness is not acceptable and excessive tardiness will result in your dismissal from the program. Excessive tardiness is defined as being late twice in a row or being late three times total during any phase of the program. Returning late from Breaks or leaving during Class Time can be considered a tardy if is it frequent and can result in your failure to graduate or even termination from the program. Sleeping in class is not tolerated, if you fall asleep during class, you will be asked to leave for the remainder of the day and that will be counted as an excused absence in accordance with our attendance policy.

Stipend Policy (only when applicable) If your program includes a stipend the following policies apply:

At the end of each week, you may be given a stipend, and it may be adjusted for absence. No stipend will be given to any participant that is terminated from the program. The stipends are intended to help you get to and from the training and to assist any meals that are not provided. They unfortunately will most likely not be enough to replace any previous income or to cover household expensed during your training. It is only there to help you get to and from the training each week and help sustain you during the program. Additional assistance may be provided by your TERO or another program but is not guaranteed. Be aware, that the program stipend is considered “Miscellaneous Income” and you will receive a 1099 for tax purposes.

Additional Certificate Trainings (only when applicable):
If additional programming such as OSHA, First Aid/CPR, Flagger, or other trainings are offered as part of an overall program such as Empowerment, you will not receive those certificates until you graduate from the overall training.


Lodging Policy:
Not all programs offer Lodging Assistance. If you are provided Lodging Assistance to attend one of our trainings, your entire stay is considered part of the training, including after class hours. Therefore, alcohol consumption is prohibited at all times while lodging is provided. The following conditions also apply.

  • Rooms assignments are given to the hotel staff prior to your check-in. You may not trade rooms or request room changes with the hotel staff.  

  • You may have a roommate and it will most likely not be someone you know.

  • You may not have visitors in your room at any time, a visitor is anyone other than your assigned roommate.

  • Any violation of the hotel rules or complaints from hotel staff may terminate your assistance.

  • You will be held responsible for any damage to your room.

Phone Policy:

Cell phones will not be allowed while class is in session. If you bring your phone to class, it must be placed at the front of the classroom in a common collection area. Most workplaces no longer allow phone use and the purpose of this policy is to prevent disruption in class and emulate workplace expectations and often, requirements.  

  • My signature on this document serves as my guarantee and my pledge to comply with the Code and Policy contained herein; and that I have been given a copy of this policy; and further

  • I understand that if I do not comply with any Five Skies rules, this Code of Conduct, Attendance Policy or Covid Safety Protocols, that I will be dismissed from the training program and will be required to vacate my hotel room and leave the program the same day of my dismissal, at my own expense.

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