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Our Skills Bank Referral Registration is now up and running. Registration for our Skills Bank is free, and it allows us to create a better profile of your skills, abilities and areas where you'd like to work. We will also have a better idea of your capabilities and experiences. This in turn will help us connect your information with contractors and employers looking for people with your skill set. To accomplish that goal, we will create a searchable database that will allow us to generate referrals for work to contractors and employers throughout Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region upon request.

This registration is open to all Native Americans, as well as Women, Veterans and Minorities.

We will verify everything we are able so please make sure your reference's contact information is complete and accurate. Upload either pictures of, or scanned documents of any/all certificates you have so we may document your skills. The back of your Union Card may also contain that information and will be sufficient record of your achievements. 

By clicking the link below and registering for inclusion in our database, you are authorizing Five Skies Training and Consulting LLC to contact your references and previous employers to verify your information.

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