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We help you learn in-demand job skills so you can make more money in a career you'll love


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Fast-Track Your Success in Only 4 Weeks with Five Skies Training 

Imagine where you could be in a few months from now: in a job you love, making great money, enjoying the benefits and stability your new trades career offers. The sky's the limit!


Prepare for Real-World Trades Careers with Confidence

Our proven training framework guides your path; resume-building, interview preparation, OSHA30, CPR Certification, & more!

Practical Resources & Expert Guidance Beyond Your Training

Your 4-Week Job Skills Training is only the start! Take advantage of ongoing support from the Five Skies community & industry pros

Access Live Recruiting & Bonus Training Sessions

Your ongoing participation pays! Complete bonus training sessions and standout to hiring contractors who actively recruit our graduates

Have you wondered where you would be today if you started sooner?


You may be surprised at the opportunities available, even if you're thinking about starting now


Careers in the trades are high-demand, and we've helped hundreds of students from age 18 to 60+ land jobs they love 


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You deserve to build success on your own terms, and you don't have to start alone


We care about you and the future you want to create, which is why we've helped hundreds of students like you launch into rewarding careers


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Go from feeling stuck in career uncertainty to confidence in a proven, in-demand success track

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Ashley, Five Skies Training Graduate

"There is tons of room for indigenous women to work in the trades.

Before I attended Five Skies, I wasn't aware there were so many opportunities available."

Katie, Five Skies Training Graduate

"You have no limits- you can do anything. You just have to get up, show up, and set your mind to it."

Melissa, Five Skies Training Graduate

"When I first started working [in the trades] I was so proud of myself, and I hope it inspires other Native women to be willing to take that step."

How much is waiting setting you back?

You deserve to get more out of life!

Life's too short to live paycheck-to-paycheck. You should't have to live with regret and wonder, "What if I started sooner?"


  • By joining the next training you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are just a few steps away from a promising new career path
  • Boost your personal and professional confidence knowing your job skills training allows you to enter high opportunity fields where your natural talents can shine 
  • Let Five Skies remove the guesswork of venturing into a new, stable career by following our proven training plan
  • Be prepared for uncertain times by developing in-demand job skills so you can provide for yourself and family
  • Improve your lifestyle with the stability a trades career offers
  • Learn how to stand out as a preferred candidate that employers want to hire NOW
  • Receive professional guidance beyond the training experience as you grow in your new career, getting ongoing support from the community of Five Skies Graduates and Trades Pros
Join the Next Job Skills Training

It's NOT too late to start


We help take the guesswork out of starting a new career in the trades


Times like these can stir up worry and uncertainty about the future.

We provide job skills training for in-demand trades careers so you don't have to feel alone, confused, or overwhelmed about your options. 

Stop waiting, start living- enroll in training today!


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We partner with trade unions & contractors nationwide

Our students prepare for successful careers by learning real-world job skills from training facilitators trade unions and contractors trust

Your Real-World Job Skills Training Solution

You can be a self-built success when you learn in-demand job skills.

Go from feeling stuck and worried to stable and in control of your financial future.

It's time to let your talents shine- enroll in Five Skies Training today!

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You can be in control of your future no matter what age you begin

In order to do that, you need a proven plan to confidently prepare for in-demand careers.

The problem is there are countless career options and it's unclear how to start from where you are, which makes you feel overwhelmed and stuck.

We understand you may lack of support, worry it may be too late to start a new career, or may have experienced life setbacks when you've tried something new in the past.

Five Skies Training believes you deserve to get more out of life and you have the power to build a positive future, which is why we have helped hundreds of people start new rewarding careers.

You CAN live a successful life on your own terms, no matter what age you choose to begin.

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Your dream life deserves a plan: NOW is the time to let your talents shine.

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Stop stressing, and start enjoying a rewarding career when you prepare for success in the trades.

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