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Helping members of Native American communities maximize their success through career advancement training


Five Skies Training is a workforce readiness training company but so much more.

Our proprietary Empowerment Training is designed to change the way that you think about yourself, your goals and your success. We discuss the components of our curriculum in a way that makes them easily relatable to many of our cultural and traditional values which in turn, makes it easier to apply to your own pathway.

Once you graduate from our class though, we understand that your journey is just beginning and there will be challenges and barriers that arise. So we don’t just wish you well once you’ve graduated, we help mentor and support you to help you make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you.


Five Skies Empowerment

Our own proprietary Empowerment programming is designed to get you out of your comfort zone so you can realize your full potential. It combines several components that are designed and delivered in a way to maximize the impact they will have on your experience.

The basic framework includes the Teaching of the Medicine Wheel, Mending Broken Hearts, Financial Literacy, Critical Core Skills, and Resumes and Interviewing are the core ingredients and those components, along with the additional programming and delivery helps achieve positive results.


Training for Employers


Working in Indian Country

A program designed to be most effective for contractors working on projects funded by Tribes or that include Federal funding that are located on or near Tribal Lands to help guide them in understanding the TERO requirements. It is tailored to the TERO regulations with jurisdiction over the project to help contractors understand those requirements.



TERO and PL 102-477

Sessions to help Tribal Offices develop and revise their Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance and discuss best practices and recommendations on enforcement, collection, and structure. We help with adopting or revising an Ordinance, understanding the Return on Investment or strategic planning to highlight how a TERO program and PL 102-477 program can operate cooperatively or even as a unified program.


Five Skies Forest

In our trainings, we talk about a Healing Forest. That is why we named our online community the Five Skies Forest. The forest is a place for Training Applicants/Participants, Empowerment Graduates and members of underserved communities such as Women, Veterans and Minorities that are seeking employment to make connections with people from similar backgrounds or experiences and ask questions, interact with one another and meet potential employers.

It is intended to be a positive, helpful space for people who want to improve themselves and their situations. 


Community for Employers

By joining our community as an employer, you are not only supporting our training and supportive service activities, but you will improve your own ability to increase the diversity of your own workforce and improve your outreach efforts into tribal and underserved communities and their members.

Our trainings are frequently called “life changing” and we want to share the opportunity to have such a positive impact.


Hear from Our Students

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About Five Skies

After several years working with Tribes and in tribal communities, we found that there were frequently consistently low retention rates for members. Seeing that this was a prevalent issue, Nick began to work on developing their Empowerment Training program to improve outcomes beyond just a basic workforce readiness training.

As the training evolved, Nick was able to bring Nyree Kedrowski on board and the final pieces of the programming were solidified. Together, Nick and Nyree started Five Skies Training and Consulting, LLC in 2018 and began providing this programming as their sole focus.

Five Skies is a Certified DBE in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


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